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A glorious story

The Cathedral of Salerno

The Cathedral of Salerno was built by the Norman duke Robert Guiscard, after his conquest of the city on December 13, 1076 — almost seven months of siege. The conquest marked the beginning of the Norman rule, replacing the Lombardic Principality whose capital had been moved to Salerno by Arechis II. Eager to glorify his persona and gain standing with an otherwise hostile population exhausted from the siege, Robert decided to have a church built, honoring the Evangelist whose remains were kept in Salerno since 954.

The basilica-type layout has three longitudinal naves, a raised transept, and the external four-sided portico. The Duomo was consecrated by Pope Gregory VII in 1084, at the end of the construction.

What’s left of the original Romanesque layout are the quadriportico and the bell tower; the rest of the complex in its current appearance largely corresponds to the Baroque renovation following a 1688 earthquake. The transept has a mosaic floor acquiring, in front of the altar, the so called “spring meadow” motif, with seven-petalled flowers.

Majestic heavenly its Baroque cross vaults, frescos, and the double bronze statues of the Patron Saint at its core. A breathtaking visit each time you come back.

A new tourist experience

Rotary Experience

Scan the QR codes with your phone camera and listen to the description of the location you’re in.

This tourist promotion project, developed to highlight the architectural and artistic heritage of the cathedral, stems from Rotary Club Salerno Duomo’s desire to provide an innovative tool guaranteeing a full-immersion visit, both on site and remotely.

Rotary Club 2100


The Rotary Salerno Duomo Club was born from the desire to tangibly contribute to and benefit the local and districtual reality spreading a culture of respect and friendship: “laetari servientes amoris est” ( ‘Tis grateful to be Love’s servants).


Mosaicists of the school of Ravenna

Magnifica per la religione in quanto vi riposa San Matteo apostolo ed evangelista. Magnifica per l'arte in quanto il cielo della sua cripta è completamente affrescato con scene tratte dal vangelo.


Il duomo è ricco di storia, dalle porte provenienti da Costantinopoli, alla tomba di Papa Gregorio VII. Da non perdere la cripta con la tomba dell'apostolo Matteo. Il Quadriportico poi è di una bellezza indescrivibile.


Monumento storico della città di Salerno. Al suo interno, nella parte sotterranea vi è la cripta. Si rimane estasiati da quello che mostra e da quello che contiene. Al centro della cripta vi è ancora una piccola sala che porta ad una finestrella dove si suo interno è possibile vedere la tomba di San Matteo

Rotary Experience

The Cathedral of Salerno

Watch videos to immerse yourself in the secrets and wonders of St Matthew’s Cathedral.

An incredible crossroads of cultures. From early Christian church to Norman church, guardian of incredible treasures.

Apostle and evangelist

Saint Mattew

As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him. (Mt 9,9)

According to tradition, St Matthew’s relics were brought to Velia (80 km / 50 mi south of Salerno) after the martyrdom in Ethiopia.
They were rediscovered there during the Lombard period, translated to Salerno on May 6, 954, and enshrined in the cathedral. St Matthew is Patron Saint of Salerno.

The Saint’s tomb St Matthew’s is in the center of the Cryptits Sancta Sanctorum,precisely below the main altar of the upper cathedral; it consists of a large marble baldaquin topped by a bronze two-faced statue of the Evangelist in the act of writing. The two urns containing the Patron Saint’s remains are sheltered by a marble slab with Byzantine-style ornamental elements

News and insights

Duomo News

  • One of the few cities in the world, which bears on the coat of arms of its municipality the image of the patron saint, is Salerno, who is honored to keep the figure of Saint Matthew. From May 6, 954, beyond a millennium...

  • The R.C. Salerno Duomo, using computer technology and digital creativity of new applications and among these the introduction of the code QR, has created and donated to the Curia Arcivescovile of Salerno, the project Duomo Experience. And so through technology...

  • Matthew, a tax collector by profession, was called by Jesus to be one of the twelve apostles; the Christian tradition, since 200, considers him the author of the first gospel. To him should therefore the redaction of the homonymous Gospel...

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